Eunji and chanyeol dating [NB] Eunji talks about why A Pink hasn't had any dating rumors yet

Eunji and chanyeol dating

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I'm so on edge about how I feel with Eunji's personality. If anything, Chanyeol is one of the most self-image conscious members. Eunji is the k my girl dating reviews A pink that I like!!!

Orange Caramel with EXO would be interesting, those are super-girls.

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Since when this Chanyeol - Joy happen, no interaction during Hello Counselor too. Posted 18 April - Give it an Upvote! That's not and dating, plus that's a stupid logic proofing. She replied nonsensically, "Because we're an A Pink that loves music.

Joy isn't as random but still and the timing is very funny too unless this is a rumor that has been around since before Chanyeol's popularity sky rocketed?

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Please Subscribe to read the full chapter. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. Fuck I'm so happy! All of the proofs are childish and delusional. Sign in anonymously Don't add me to the active users list. Search Advanced Search section: I also laughed at this. This topic has been archived. I think having more idols come out and date publicly would normalize it, and then less fans will be upset about dating news.

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Is it bad that I don't mind this. This means that you cannot reply to this topic.

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It's gonna be a top 10 list with some honourable mentions. Lol cause she's a friendly person and sees people a lot at things.

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She got a lot of crap for it and with her nails. I've forgotten my password. The Kpop industry isn't that big though so you're and dating to run into people at similar events and you get to know each other. Page 1 of 3 ipb. It's said that the reporters from the media outlet first spotted them in fall of and began to follow the couple, and found that the two have been enjoying dates late at night near the Han River! But bomixchen rumour existed. Sign In Create Account.


Okay I've read the original post and I'm not sure if people here really believing it or just pretending lmao From all the dating rumors about Exo, OP chose these ones? NB is good at including selective info to get them clickbaits. IOI look dashing in vivid colors for 'Marie Claire'. I would also like to state that I am just translating Pann and do not believe these myself please keep that in mind.

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Problem is that these scandals usually come to light right around the time for their contract renewals Ohorat dont forget about that lol. Just because Baekhyun is dating a popular idol it doesn't mean the others are dating idols. I rather it be her than someone else because I want someone good for Chanyeol.

I'm so curious as to what it is that makes her "weird" because I get the same vibe. GyuJi ship is sailing.