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Ex boyfriend dating co worker

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I appreciate all of the responses Login required to started new threads Login required to post replies. He knows you were playing "Slammy the Hammy" before him Post 9 of views. Even if you can't get past it, you have to be an adult and not acknowledge it at work then go home and cry. All the more reason to listen to what glenn1 said.


When I talk to my friend I told her even if she is dating my ex bf and I find it highly selfish she got rid of her own bf and went after my ex bf If it doesn't and her new meathead says anything he is going to look like a douche, so again, you're welcome.

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You don't want to fall into the trap and picture yourself as her "puppy" or even worse some kind of "loser". I just want to be left alone. It's none of your business, who your ex is seeing after your breakup. Be "that girl" who exemplifies strength and grace in the face of hardship. I CAN'T piss this guy off You must deal with them on your own.

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You can always ask Mr. Says the guy who "rocks" the mock turtleneck All times are GMT Instead of listening to adolecent morons like MichealD here, try listening to people like Glen1 and y2kc.

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Just ex boyfriend dating co worker he doesn't want to hang out with you with her there if she is so obnoxious Post 13 of views. Whilst she may like that you're doing what she likes you to do, she won't like it for ever.

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Control the dynamic to the best of your ability. If you are going to "dip the pen in the company ink" you need to seperate work and love.

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As others have said, never date a co-worker again. I know, easier said than done, but, you have to look at it this way. Jul 9, Messages: