Fish finder hook up How To Install A Fishfinder

Fish finder hook up, binnacle mount and transducer mount

Fish Finder Installation Is The Foundation To Success

Make sure that the transducer sits perfectly horizontal. The nuts and fishes finder hook up should be tightened down snugly using the socket set. Once you get it in working order, however, then you can afford to celebrate. Installing a ferrite ring is one of the first steps that is suggested for resolving interference and many trolling motors come with these in the packaging and they can also be purchased independently online or through many retailers.

Once again, make sure your fish finder works well with this transducer. If you follow these steps, the end result should be more fish caught.

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Before you begin this mounting job, you'll need to find the best location. The fuse is pretty self explanatory but it amazes me how many people skip this step. Next, use a sealant to put your through hull transducer flat on either your vessel or on the leveling block. So I readjust it now my tranducer doesnt look straight on boat.

Step 1: Installing The Binnacle Mount

Make sure it's large enough to accept all of the unit's wires, and before you drill, put the binnacle and fishfinder temporarily in place to ensure there's enough clearance between the mount and the hole for the wires to pass through, without making any sharp bends. The most common type of fish finder transducer type is the transom mount transducer. Look on the hull for a spot that always stays submerged in the water. It will change your approach to fishing, where and how you fish and in the end the number of catfish you catch.

How To Mount A Fish Finder

Use a grommet to seal it if possible silicon sealant works, if you can't get a grommet that fitsthen cover it with a clamshell vent; simply hold the clamshell in place over the hole, mark the spots you'll need to drill, and screw it down.

You should make sure the transducer comes with a mounting bracket and hardware before placing the item in the cart and checking out. You also have to run cables from the power source to the fish finder hook up unit.

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The fuse will protect the equipment if power surges unexpectedly. If you choose to fasten the transducer directly on the transom, mark the two holes, and drill through them.

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Before doing this I always make sure to download my settings and GPS coordinates to an SD card to save them and more importantly make sure the unit is restored to the factory default settings.