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Formula for acceptable dating age, who is too young or too old for you to date?

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Love is felt in the heart, not in the sex organs. What a fun article! As a recently divorced 49 year old women, I am noticing most men my age as your data supports are looking pretty far below their own age. Submitted by nhk on May 3, - Put plainly, I have no problem with being my age. Acceptable to whom exactly?

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I have more of the traits younger women look for, instead of the short refractory period of a younger man that older women tend to enjoy. I find it really awesome to be surrounded by such young, supple hot women who wouldn't have given me the time of day when I was younger. I got dicked around by those women 20 years ago because they were interested in the older guys with the jobs, boats, cars and houses. But she's such a babe, both on the outside and in character, that she far outshines any younger "competition".

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If it works, she's mine for life. If you look at studies now you'll see that women have an average 9 year age range either side of their own formula for acceptable dating age a preference for a small 4 years either side of their own age. Replies to my comment.

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Some may be looking for genuine love, well, this commodity comes at all ages, There is predisposition in the mix, but kimberley locke dating harvey walden is also very considerable prejudice, as determined by the nature of language chosen I am not trying to compete with year-old women and I formula for acceptable dating age it's pathetic when people try to do that.

Boring Submitted by celebritydiscodave on May 23, - 6: You can see that men are basically operating by the rule for minimum age preferences for marital relationships blue bars and serious dating relationships yellow bars.

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Post Comment Your name. Your definition for old comes with pure unadulterated prejudice and discrimination.

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These younger women are not troubled, nor have I run into any gold diggers. In some countries this may not be legally possible; if so: Are they perpetually chasing a but never catching?

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A slope nearer to zero or below is unworkable you don't want to even consider negative slope universeswhereas women's declining fertility with age keeps the slope from getting too high. But fantasies, of course, are not generally subject to public scrutiny and the rule is only designed to calculate what is socially acceptable in the public eye —so this discrepancy is not necessarily a failure of the rule.

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I Googled the study cited in the article and the total number of respondents was 70 male and 67 female and I was reminded of those beauty product adverts where 7 out of 10 women prefer a particular product and the small print shows a sample size of 80 odd.

This change in attraction is happening very fast. Doubly so considering birth control wasn't a thing nor was criminalising rape by husband? This is old science from when women relied on men financially.

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This page was last edited on 3 Augustat It has been accelerating away for a very long time now, and largely unchecked. That list only goes back to He's either suffering the world with his narcissistic personality disorder or, more likely, a troll.