G dragon and cl dating 2011 Dara explains past dating rumors with G-Dragon

G dragon and cl dating 2011, information

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And last is for Kiko, Isn't a bit weird that after being a skydragon shippers for 3 years, we only know now the connection between Kiko and CL?? Both shots show not only the identical lighting of the sunset, but also the same landscape in the distance.

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She was even like, "I don't think we're idols but you have to play the game. After 2ne1 debuted, it was a shocking news to everyone that CL became a JYP trainee and that she is close to Sohee her being the latter's roommate and stuffCl almost debuted before as a solo artist and we can see back then her skin ship with GD.

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CL telling it like how it is. And I just fell into it. Actually we go way back.

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One of my friends really dislikes CL, so that colors my perception of her a bit. I want people to dream.

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They have that standard image, especially with girls because boys could date somebody…. What was training like?

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Park was caught in the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami that devastated Japan in Next is with Sandara Park, okay let us all give a credit to Daragon's shippers bacause of their so-called evidences, and Dara is the ultimate rival of Cl for GD when it comes to Fanfictions. I have an alter ego, I have that switch, One side of me is totally in control of myself, and the other is free, enjoying everything.

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You live with music all the time. Sooo thats why I believed they dated now I just think theyre good friends.

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With news and rumors of G-Dragon allegedly dating Japanese. Published January 9th, Share with Facebook Share with Twitter.

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G-Dragon looks like planting a kiss on Daras cheek. I have no idea!