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The Torah states that the children of such marriages would be lost to Judaism Deut. So we are open-hearted.

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Things might be different if she were 21, but now In practice, the convert is sometimes treated with caution, because we have had some of bad experiences with converts who later return to their gentile dating sites faith in whole or in part. He knew this because his Jewish girlfriend's friends and parents disapproved of him. Speed dating frankfurt berger stra├če person on the face of this earth has a right to marry within his own people.

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He has become more Frum, but his ex has re-married out of the Jewish faith, and whilst they have joint custody, these two little girls have a frum home envirognment for Thursday, Friday, Shabbat and Sunday, but then go into a gentile dating sites irreligious home for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday! THeir kids are wonderfulhe is a terrific father and she is not a nice person, but seems to be a great mother, separately. Also in the States you have programs and schools, if Israel is not possible.

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Sadly, as the statistics bear out, the majority of intermarried homes are not resulting in a next generation that is Jewish. And before you casually dismiss this as ivory tower advice from a Jewish ghetto, let me point out that my father, my mother and my brother are all intermarried, as well as several of my cousins.

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We also have started a support program for intermarried families interested in exploring becoming observant Jewish ones http: I often wonder if waiting forever is not its own form of genocide? The most commonly used word for a non-Jew is goy. No one told me what it said in the Torah.

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The solution to intermarriage is Jewish education and a Jewish lifestyle. If the proselyte passes this oral examination, the rituals of conversion are performed. That's why is happens so often.

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I have seen this in my own family, and throughout the community. In which of the two lives mentioned above did you become the light of the other person world?

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