Gf still on dating site So your boyfriend (or girlfriend) still has a profile on an online dating site...

Gf still on dating site

That's a lot of effort to put in again if y'all break up. If you don't then what's the problem? So there's no problem. Anyways i have been at my friends tonight and set him up on plenty of fish because he is recently single and realised she is still using the site!

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The guy I was with didn't have an online profile we met through fiends - so he had no idea that I was doing this. I had one too but basically never really did anything with it [emailed a few people, found a few of my friends on it and said hi] and when we started dating I changed the profile to "seeing someone" [I think?

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People that OLD are addicted to it. As long as she's "Seeing Someone", I don't think you have cause to worry. Meanwhile, if you're spending a majority of weekend evenings with her, you really don't need to worry about who's at the emotional epicentre online dating pickup artist her life at the moment.

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Why not just let things slide. Meanwhile, I will be doing the same If you trust her, drop it. But just talk to her. I dont want to do it over text, i want to see her reaction and ask her out right does she want to be with me.

Seems like she likes you dude. Part of me thought that because years ago I had a profile on Yahoo Personals that I completely forgot about. In a lot of ways, it's like a Facebook for "friends" Facebook-style you have not yet made.

If you or someone close to you is currently in crisis or in an emergency situation, contact your local law enforcement agency or emergency number. From what I hear, attractive girls get messages a lot, so this doesn't seem to jibe with the "hardly ever replying" thing.

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It is a social networking site. I deleted my profile Stop "occasionally peeking at her profile", discretely or not. To you, keeping up a profile is some sign of not being committed or cheating or something.

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If you think otherwise then yeah, crazy jealous boyfriend. It will lead to speculation and assumptions on your part.

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Apparently I also come up as 'Replies Often', gf still on dating site though this is patently untrue. It may be hard to believe, but I have friends who are in gf still on dating site relationships or married but keep their okcupid profiles running so they can take advantage of the site to actually just find friends.

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Dating site gives me the option to log on to the site through my facebook account???? I think it's sort of disrespectful of her to keep up the account whether your jealousy is entirely rational or not.

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My advice in your situation would be to try not to get too serious in relationships and to have fun as I see you're only Switch to Hybrid Mode. Don't be that guy who punishes her for your insecurities. For example the facebook status. If i'm being honest I think you have overreacted to the Plenty of Fish dating stuff. I trust her and want to believe her.

Im working 3 nights now so it will have to wait if im doing it face to face! She asked why and I said its a long story i'll tell you when I see you over the weekend. But there's only so much time in the week for going on dates.

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Don't stress about what's online.