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And nobody gets excited about a C. So I mostly wear shorts, or get my pants tailored if I need to wear long pants for an event.

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Why certain beliefs matter to you. It could, depending on a number of other factors, signal that what you're like and what you want others to think you're like aren't in alignment. It doesn't spare me from having to deal with the biased and negative thinking when I spend time with that guy.


Do set short and long-term goals for yourself? I'm not saying you should have a giant profile that lists everything you might possibly be interested in, but, to expand on the example, if you're a who fan with a profile that someone wouldn't look at and think "oh yeah, i could see how he's a DW fan", you probably want to go with something more detailed in your message. Writing a decent message is just one part of what you're presenting to that person.

Well, I like hiking and camping. This sounds like a genuinely busy person who likely has interest if she initiates interaction and wants to make plans. Anything else and I would be outta there.

It was a mistake to engage with you even to point how nasty you are to others and how little you like your own words pointed at yourself. But the the typical lie seems a lot more like it's self-serving than confused. If anything, I'd think short women would have more leeway in finding a man who's taller than they are.

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They want 40ss for the most part, with occasional consideration given to very mature men in their 30s. I think it's just something to say to annoying relatives who demand to know why they're not dating.

If you want to bicker over denotation v.

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So the response rate is abysmal. This is based on antecdata, but I wonder if women post less pictures of their kids because there are a lot of good answers to dating site questions stereotypes about single moms that people who troll dating sites throw at the moms? I seriously don't know anyone who specifically searches for 6' or whatever. I realize this makes some simplifying assumptions.

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Do you look at price tags when you shop? I think we'd all appreciate it if you could just take responsibility for own choices and stop without trying to come up with theories about why women are much too unreasonable to ever date you for no fault of your own.

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Actually, that's an interesting observation because I would probably lean that way myself. But if you're 30 saying you're 25, how long do you think you're gonna be able to keep up that ruse?

As I said earlier, the best primary photo is a clear shot of your head and shoulders. You can't change those things. And, hell, put the word "feminist" in your opening paragraph! I'm not denying for one moment that there exist women who are willing to date shorter guys. Dating is hard, it's okay to decide you matchmaking update a break without it meaning that you're inherently undesirable or that there's an epidemic of picky women conspiring against short men.

If I could delete the comment, I would.