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I wish you every happiness. And I enjoy it. Like he works for Goldman or some private defense contractor making a shit ton of money.

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If I had a pound for every time I'd heard the phrase, "sorry, you're not my type", I'd be a lot better off than I am now. I had several offers, and it was pretty blatant how different the dynamic was. Only the ones who are bitter about it. Like considering the value they provide, teachers should be paid a lot more yet throwing a ball into a hoop scores you millions. That is what I meant.

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But some guys feel that the market reality is such that they simply cannot compete. Those are usually the guys who have been burned badly by their ex wives and by the legal system. But I understand why guys do because they are made to feel worthless, and they don't want that any more. Part of me thinks it isn't worth the trouble. All of that determination pays off.

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You're all bones at the end anyway, just enjoy yourself. That's like the ultimate betrayal, you know, getting stabbed in the back day after day for years and not even knowing about it.

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It sounds like it made a huge impact on your life choices. The issue is many people want a different answer than the one they get.

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There are drawbacks and benefits to all kinds of birth control methods. So that's why the guy in the MGTOW has dropped out of mainstream society effectively, works 20 hours per week as a security guard, and has given up on female relationships No, a whiner who doesn't want to do any hard work gave up on female relationships, looks like the ladies sure lost out on this guy who give up on dating.

MGTOW are comprised of men who have or have seen other men have their children removed, their property appropriated, their wages appropriated under threat of free flirt dating websites over a false accusation of violence or molestation the "silver bullet" in family law.

Having a family would be a much bigger deal if I was with a woman. They just really paint themselves poorly when expressing their views on women.

In fact, you might actually start resenting them for taking up your time and start treating them poorly. Not really, you're just missing out on more cunts who will say the same thing because you're all hypnotized twats who are under sex kitten programming.