Halo 4 matchmaking ban quitting Banned from halo 4 matchmaking

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Also, XBL has an "Enforcement" team of people who validate these reports.

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I planned on playing my favorite franchise at p 60fps for years to come. What should we call you?

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Oh biscuits and butter, I must be mistaken. I trusted that had everything under control - boy was I mistaken.

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If anything, increase the severity and occurrence of these punishments. What should we call you? I know I'm just complaining but it does suck man. While is mostly leaving him in the dark, he has discovered that has dispatched teams to conduct "technical assessments and reviews of feasibility, risk, etc But would you look at that.

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Fell off the map 3 times and it kicked me then banned me. Half of the games you've 'made' have been re-releases of Bungie's games and the other half is either broken or lacking content so badly that the player base falls off in the first couple months.

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Retrieved from " http: With the new dashboard it's pretty easy to report them for quitting early from the post game carnage report. I got banned for that please help.

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If you really expect them to take it down, I don't really know what to tell you. Especially since it doesn't warn you about that during normal play. Right now the average gamer has forgot about MCC and that's better than them being reminded.

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I think it builds resentment instead, especially when posts like this continue to appear. Me too I halo 4 matchmaking ban quitting got banned because some random invited me into a fire team for the first time so I was likeI better get my fucin head phones!

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Yeah, it sucks, but it's not going to happen. It's pretty much tradition for teams to shoot eachother when the game is over, and in my game just now where I finished a match of Shotty Snipers on top with like 20 kills. We're all part of this community.

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I think OP isn't telling us the whole story here.