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Junghans Clock History

Ours has a 31 day calendar, but is otherwise a dead ringer. I have been told that it is either American or German and that they help dating junghans clock it was made in ….

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Can anyone tell me about this awesome Seth Thomas Mantle clock? On the back of the clock I ….

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I don't know anything about this clockI just know that I saw this clock from the day … My grandmothers old mantle clock It seems to work and the chimes are on time. It was in my mother's basement wrapped up for how long, I have no idea.

The cherub pounds on the arrow heads. It has no name that is visiable on it.

Junghans wall clock identification?

Some people will see a clock at an antique store that would look good in a certain room of their house, and end up with it that way. I want to know what the name of this clock is so I can find some replacement dials.

Clock face Ivory star-burst effect flowers pouncing each number. Erhard Junghans originally followed in his father's footsteps working as a designer in an Schramberg porcelain factory in the Black Forest. The actual age is immmaterial, it is not something that a buyer would consider important for a clock of this type and period. I bought this clock in Belgium on an antique market some 20 years ago. On the face it says manufactured by Ansonia Clock ….

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I have found no other labels. Here is the … Fell in love with the face It is made from what looks and feels like white marble. Picked up this clock at an estate auction few years ago.