Honolulu dating scene Hawaii’s Social Environment

Honolulu dating scene

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What a lovely discovery on this Sunday afternoon. Honolulu is world famous for destination weddings and honeymoons.

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My third date was with a guy who ran his own business and worked part time at a surf school. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: So, make yourself culturally aware and sensitive and if someone is racist toward you — just laugh it off inside and go about your business.

One thing that could make a difference is that Hawaii has more of a small town feel than somewhere like NYC, although Honolulu is an exception to that to a certain degree.

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Well, it may not have been they didn't want to date them because they were haole, they probably didn't want to date them because they weren't from around here.

The dating scene in Hawaii is either awesome or horrible.

Cultural Experience

Not only is the dating scene more intimate than, say, New York or Los Angeles, it's friendlier, too. As soon as I got off the plane, I was transported to a different world: There are great people in Hawaii… and you just have to be a great person too, to meet them. I dated haole and black gals, and the locals seemed to date each other.

How did you swing that?

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Then you told me you were moving here, so I told them all about you. I look forward to returning to the Island and enjoying the twilight of my life. But Honolulu lacks a scene for those over Also, the flower lei, is always bestowed, with a honi.

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You need to find a group of friends to introduce you to singles in your age bracket. But, even though everyone is working, there is an underlying attitude that life is not about work. TOS And check this out: I think if there are cultural or social differences in what people are looking for, it's more likely to vary by race, ethnicity, nationality, or by where they grew up than by whether they live in Hawaii or LA, Seattle, NYC, etc.

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If you drive, you might see the shaka sign used in traffic as you let someone enter the stream of traffic in front of you, or someone does something stupid, and throws up a shaka to calm your hot head. Locals gravitate toward locals. Racism in Hawaii Racism occurs everywhere you are in the world.

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Oh, and most men in Hawaii are pretty active. Work-style is a little more laid back.

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Video from a viewer shows a driver getting out of the car, running across lanes of traffic, and jumping a fence. According to Truliaa real estate statistics company, there are 1.

Making Friends

Are there any cultural or social differences between what men and women look for compared to what they look for in major US cities like LA, NYC, Seattle, etc?

The details are gonna be different all over the place depending on the folks involved. In my pocket my phone pinged. In I had just moved to Hilo, and was remarking to someone how pretty some of the local women were. Originally Posted by MichaelOrear.

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I told you about a friend that sold insurance over the phone in Hawaii and he did not enjoy his working conditions. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus.

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Watch as Trini Mikey and John play the Cheetos toss game. Oahu singles take a casual approach to dating compared to our Mainland counterparts.