Hook up ballast How to Replace a Fluorescent Light Ballast

Hook up ballast, retrofitting an existing fixture

Bad ballast Improper grounding. Remove the bulbs and open up the fixture as shown in Photo 1. This will prevent you from accidentally cutting the wires to short.

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I'm guessing it connects the yellow so that it touches one pin at each lamp? These are the wires coming from the ceiling or wall providing V power from the house panel.

Removing the Ballast Housing

We welcome your comments and suggestions. Connect the black and white wires from the house circuit cable to the black and white wires leading from the ballast, using wire connectors.

Yep looks like you're good to go. Series Ballast Wiring 1 to 3 Lamps. Got a New Project You're Proud of? These wires are often red, blue and yellow. The ballast takes in electricity and then regulates current to the bulbs. I think the ballast is fine, but there is no ground, which is why I believe the light went out.

With common sense and the right tools, the job can be done safely and correctly. The repair will only take about 10 minutes.

Is this how you have it wired?

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This way, the units can be matched up. Remove any bulbs hook up ballast the fixture. If the old ballast was a different type, the wiring in the fixture, including the wires leading to the sockets, may need to be replaced or adapted. It is something I'm interested in learning more about and I'll do my best to be careful.

Changing the wiring on a fluorescent light fixture from series to parallel, involves changing the ballast from a series to a compatible parallel ballast.

Required Tools for this Project

It should be blue. There should also be a red and blue set of hooks up ballast on the ballast. Garden Club Project Ideas: I am very confused on how this is supposed to work. If you are replacing a T8 ballast, the wiring of the old ballast should be the same as that on the new ballast. This information will be needed to make sure the new and old ballast match up.

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Drill Holes for Securing Resistor The ballast resistor will be attached to the firewall with small clamps that are screwed in place. Ballast Wire Colors Wire colors for individual and common connections on fluorescent ballasts will vary depending on ballast type, brand, and the number of lamps they support. Often, the ballast housing is a piece of metal held in place with small tabs.

Wiring Diagrams

How to Troubleshoot Electronic Ballasts. Make sure to attach securely to the connecting terminal, by wrapping the wire around the post and tightening with a screwdriver. Unscrew the old ballast Unscrew the ballast- mounting nut and drop the old ballast free the ballast will have either one or two mounting nuts.

JerseyMatt Yep is there a legitimate russian dating site like you're good to go. After mounting the new ballast, replace the ballast compartment cover and bulbs, and it should be good for another 20 years.