Hook up two subs mono amp Wire two subs to amp does it split the power?

Hook up two subs mono amp

You are only spltting the audio signal into your receivers and you will need a splitter for that. It is commonly used in car stereo systems, allowing a powerful mono signal to be sent to a subwoofer.

To wire two subwoofers to a mono amplifier, you need only know how to cut wire, use very simple tools and follow basic instructions. Not Helpful 4 Helpful Mono amplifiers are especially well-suited to wiring to two subwoofers.

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Tighten down the terminals so that the wire is securely fastened. A Anonymous Dec 29, This can put too much strain on your alternator or speaker. I know the Hifonics are over rated so if the power is split, it would be watts to each sub and figure in reality they are getting or so?

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Help answer questions Start your very own article today. Not Helpful 1 Helpful 4. I had the same amp as you so I know what your saying.

Why does my output jec amp watts give an output clipping sound? Connect one end of the first length of wire to the speaker output terminals of the amplifier.

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Not Helpful 2 Helpful 3. Surely - this is hook up two subs mono amp. Is it the same difference just to run them all as singles so I would have two pos and two negs running to the amp?

You will need a 4 channel amp to run 2 speakers in bridged mode. Once the wires are secured, the first speaker is connected to the amplifier. Let me know what you think if you would, and I do appreciate your help! Only amplifiers can be bridged.

Connect the positive lead of the speaker wire to the positive terminal, and the negative to the negative.

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Bridging an amplifier cuts the resistance load measured in ohms in half, which can cause it to overheat. If you've got a mono amplifier, you've got a great opportunity to really bring on the bass. Based in Virginia, Nichole Liandi has been a freelance writer since If you go lower than its displayed lowest rated resistance, your amp could shut off.

Connect the amplifier to one speaker. Most amplifiers have a small diagram near the channels indicating the terminals you would use to bridge it.

You can also reduce the ohms further by bridging it at the amp. True Story Gold Member Username: Make sure your amplifier can be bridged.

Once the speakers are hooked up, there will be a switch marked Stereo, Mono, or Bridged. If your CD player has a line output, you are not going to be able to bridge it.

Again, just like bridging a two-channel amplifier, connect these speaker wires to the amplifier by unscrewing the screw in that whichever terminal you are connecting the wire to, place the wire in between the top and bottom portions of the terminal, and then screw the screw down tightly to secure the wire. How can I play two speakers on one amp using bridged mode? And like the description of "Method 2".