Hook up two subwoofers one receiver Dual Subwoofers: How to Hook Up Multiple Subs

Hook up two subwoofers one receiver

Sep 26, Messages: More advanced users can experiment with crossover points to improve the subwoofer to satellite speaker integration.

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Alternatively you can use a 1-female to 2-male y-splitter see Subwoofer Y-Splitter image below and connect the female side to the subwoofer RCA cable and the male sides to the respective left and right inputs. Enter this information for each appropriate speaker in your processor menu that relates to speaker distances. This is a good starting point.

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More advanced installers would benefit from using our subwoofer placement guidelines, to get more specific on choosing the appropriate locations for the subwoofers. But it's adjacent to the kitchen and living room and there are no dividers.

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Now, there are some home theater processors and receivers that have more Subwoofer Out on them. IF you absolutely must use mismatched subs, it's important to try to chose models with a similar low frequency roll off slope.

This article has been recently updated to incorporate two YouTube video discussions - 1. Forum Video Audio Is it safe to connect two subwoofers in one receiver's subwoofer output?

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Recent research per "Sound Reproduction" by Dr. This is a staring point to try out. Calibrating the subwoofers The first thing you need to do is go into the bass management menu of your processor to properly configure your speakers and subwoofers. Listen and Evaluate The most important aspect is how it sounds after its all setup. How to Connect Multiple Subwoofers Step 3: I would like to know some additional setup info since I have 2 subwoofers in my theater. A question on our Youtube channel this week inspired a little post to help you with audio troubleshooting subwoofers.

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Share This Page Tweet. Receiver is watt x 6 channels Additional subwoofer is watt Velodyne VX Confused about what AV Gear to buy or how to set it up?

I currently have them setup like in figure 1 with both in the front location.

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By Gene DellaSala — July 01, The Velodyne has a phase switch and I played with it pressing the button up and down EQ can be used to flatten out any peaks in the response. Using a cheap Y-splitter, I already tried it and I like what I heard contrary to what others say that the setup 'might' hook up two subwoofers one receiver out each other's bass.

Check to see if one of the subwoofers have a reverse phase switch in case they are not in phase with each other,you will lose a lot of bass if they run out of phase. This is really a great option to ensure maximum gain with reasonably practical positioning.

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If your receiver has a separate LFE setting, it's usually best to set it for Hz which will allow you to reproduce the actual full bandwidth of the LFE channel. Jul 5, Messages: The difference is debatable.

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The short version below: I don't think an SPL meter will be terribly helpful for what you are trying to do. Your name or email address:

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