How to dump a guy you just started dating How to Break Up With Someone You Just Started Dating

How to dump a guy you just started dating, here are the five steps to breaking-up with someone you’re seeing:

Dude, you're breaking up with a mature adult. Remember that dumping is sort of like a job interview — you need to present a certain version of yourself.

The Direct

Unless you want to be part of my budding stand up comedy career. And you know what? The conversation was great, but I felt like there wasn't any attraction there.

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I don't want to get into a back-and-forth about how I phrased this or how important their relationship is. Most gratuitously hurtful, harmful thing that anyone has ever done to me in my entire life, hands-down. I think you should tell her face to face. You can learn how to decide you want to break up and plan for an effective and clean end to the relationship.

He was so sweet and attentive! Everything's kind of amazing!

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In fact, there isn't one universally, definitely true answer, and that's why the answers in this thread are split. It's interesting that almost everyone seems totally sure of what the best method is My overriding concern is her feelings and how to make the situation not suck more for her, if that makes sense.

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When and if those things happen, it's always appropriate to end the relationship. I also don't want to overly downplay the fact that we had sex; I haven't had many partners and typically I wait longer, but in this case I chose not to. None of them were a blindside -- I knew things weren't working out -- but what was a blindside was the cowardly behavior.

The Fade-Out

And he sounded just as he always had on the phone when he called. I know I'm an outlier in this regard, but having been dumped many times and in all kinds of ways, e-mail is definitely best. And you'll end up right where you started.