Im 20 dating a 50 year old Is it weird to be 20 dating a 50 year old?

Im 20 dating a 50 year old, question of the day

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And for all the bitches out there don't question the love I have for him, the only reason I'm asking is because I'm seriously trying to see whats wrong with this picture, cause I feel like best hookup sites singapore wrong so I'm asking other for their opinion.

They're at completely different stages of life. Papa Bear United States.

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In all the negative post, all I read is what is down the road for them and not what both are going through and how they feel for on another now. And i know tat you shouldn't ar what other people think but don't get married young that is the biggest mistake you could ever make. Is it weird to be 20 dating a 50 year old?

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Say your piece once and leave it at that if you have to. The im 20 dating a 50 year old that you even have to ask this question to have it validated to not be weird just means even some where in your own subconscious you know its weird!

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Lol, black beauty I'm not desperate sweetie. Subscribe Now Add to my Tracker. And as I am 50 I certainly don't feel 50 and can pretty much do everything I could do when I was in my teen's, I do keep fit and I'm not on any med's at all.

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You talk as tho a man of 50 is old and done for. More break it now than make it.

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Since you are asking, you know he is too old for you. Now if the female was in her 20's I would prolly have to ask him to come to my town and meet me at the big park to bump knuckles. On the other hand a 20 year old needs to be sure of what she wants before she marries anyone.

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My buddy is 50 and dating a 20 year old. Harm to minors, violence or threats, harassment or privacy invasion, impersonation or misrepresentation, fraud or phishing, show more. Share your thoughts with the world. He actually look like he is in his 30's honestly, I'm 20 and he's 50, we honestly don't care about the age and he is really mature, he doesn't pressure me about sex and he's so Intelligent not trying to be cocky but For better site performance, please update your browser to the newest version: What happens when the 50yo guy is her prof.

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Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Project into the future. No child should be brought into the world for that reason.

It's time people start caring a lot less about what other people think.

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Do ugly people deserve sex and love too? You will feel like you missed something.

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However, there could even be some cases where not dating someone would be wrong. Do I have a chance with him.?

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From there, it is more difficult to sustain a good healthy relationship. Men can die at any age. It is a bit weird tbh, but it's not terrible.