Im dating someone 16 years older than me Better With Age: 10 Pros And Cons Of Dating An Older Man

Im dating someone 16 years older than me

When I would go away on im datings someone 16 years older than me and had my guy take care of my apartment, I always came home to flowers on the table, chocolate or homemade gifts. You both have something equally to give one another. Upvote what you want to see, downvote what you want to hide. We get on fairly well and I think it's because we stay out of each other's way.

I would say that one thing to consider is that there is what is between the two of you, and there is how the two of you as a couple face the world together - that includes your hopes and dreams, but it also is how you navigate day to day amongst your social circle and how much satisfaction or frustration that brings you.

This is great for me, since I am a whirlwind during the week and it balances me out. Reddit, I have question: Because at 24you are still finding yourself whereas he is already etablished. He's the first man in a few years who genuinely intrigues me.

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Still something I want in the long term, yes. Was married at In fact he seems much more approachable than most guys and women I've dated-my age.

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He's responsible, emotionally and practically. Mail will not be how to start online dating service business required: I don't regret the relationship, nor would I advise you not to pursue yours, but I look back at how convinced I was of my own maturity at 22 and sometimes wish I'd spent my twenties as my friends did - dating more people of various kinds and then settling down ten years later.

I think sestaak really nailed the main age-related issue. I experienced this with my first marriage. Why am I even considering going to dinner with an old guy?

She had to get used to the fact that her friends husbands had a six year head start on their careers, and that her firends had 6 more years to aquire material things.

Fortunately for me, he hated banking and went back into academia, and our goals and values and everyday life overlapped a bit more again.

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While a UN job isn't necessarily realistic, he taught high school French prior to going back for his PhD and also worked as a notary, at one point. Age is just a number. That is just too far away to know for sure.

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I don't think your problem is so much the age difference, but that you guys seem to have very different priorities in life. I have 20 year old friends too, of course, but most of my friends are already older anyway.

It's usually ended pretty quick cause they're uncertain of what they want. Is 'UN Diplomat' perhaps his fantasy job?

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I would slow down if I were you. One is just out of high school and starting their adulthood whereas the other has experienced more, perhaps held more serious jobs, etc.

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Tyr to answer this questions without the shimmer of love confussing you, be realistic, if it pleases you then go for it, if it doens't then don't. When I dated an older guy, I wanted to go out and have fun and live my 20's while he was tired and didn't want to do that because he had done it already.

Granted, we are in completely different periods in our lives, but we have so much in common. This is an archived post. Lots of us would love to work for the UN, but it's sort of competitive, and French literature is not normally how one gets there.

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March 8, at One issue with dating someone 35 is the question that vivid postcard and snarl furillo asked - why is this 35 year old man interested in a 22 year old woman. The fact that you will be at very different life and professional stages when it happens for both you and him can make them tricky to navigate. What is hard is that there can be a cultural gap, they also want different things in life, are in a different life stage, many do not really want a family anymore, even more baggage.