Is ian from smosh dating mari Is ian from smosh dating mari

Is ian from smosh dating mari, when smosh star mari takahashi started out, youtube comments were so cruel they made her cry

Best Gaming Channel, Show, or Series [76].

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On her personal YouTube channel Olivia has said many times that "I'm sure in a past life I was a squirrel. He was swinging on a swing when he was little at his aunt's backyard, not knowing that there was a wasp's hive there, he then confidently pushed it with the swing, making all the bees flee out and attack him.

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Ian's sister was killed off in " Ian's Birthday ," but he was very happy about this, meaning that he hated his sister for some reason. Games Movies TV Wikis. Best Gaming Channel, Show, or Series [78].

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Fan Reaction She has sometimes been subject to fans berating her for either taking Ian away from Anthony during his time on the channel or being with Ian in lieu of the fans being with Ian themselves or even because she is not Ian's ex-girlfriend, Melanie Moat.

Market insights from 2 strategists with very different year-end predictions. Retrieved from " http: Coincidentally, Ian and Anthony starred in an episode of the series once.

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Sohinki has seen her breasts. Audience Choice for Personality of the Year [71].

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Ian is shown to vary in being either more or less attractive to women than Anthony. Since it's discontinuation inMari and crew have revived Smosh Pit Weekly, as of August 19, Retrieved December 1, Though some thought she was Mari in the beginning, Olivia is actually Chinese-American as Mari is Japanese-American with Mari having a slightly darker skin tone.

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It has over thousand subscribers. We chatted up Ian and Anthony who answered as a duo and the is ian from smosh dating mari crew to get the scoop on what they're really like IRL.

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Retrieved from " http: After Padilla left Smosh to pursue his solo YouTube channel in JuneHecox became the only co-founder that is currently an active member of the Smosh team.