Is katy perry dating riff Riff Raff -- See, I Told You I Was Dating Katy Perry!

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The Dark Horse singer rocked the iconic denim look with her date of the night, rapper RiFF RAFF and they looked like they were having a is katy perry dating riff 'ole time until things took a somewhat uncomfortable turn?

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It was back inwith the younger Dreyfuss being in a room alone rehearsing lines with Kevin and Richard, and Spacey opted for a moment when the elder Dreyfuss wasn't looking to make his unwanted move.

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Then on Sunday, they attended the VMAs together and, while it seemed like they were still just messing around and having fun, I wondered if maybe they really were dating. He said he and Perry were at Skrillex's party, had some sushi, went bowling and got some drinks. The only thing that seems fact-based there is that they both attended a Skrillex party and posed for a photo. This, in case you were wondering, is totally not cool.


Raff also said that they are doing a song and they only went on one date, but they are still talking. This guy groping on her in the video above? Netflix Officially Fires Kevin Spacey! Shocking Taylor Swift News! Perez's Feud With Kathy Griffin!

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TBH it looks like she was blocking his view and dancing too close without realizing it, so he was just nudging her to not invade his space. As news continues to come out around Kevin Spaceywe're starting to hear more stories about his allegedly awful behavior -- and this time, it's actor Harry Dreyfuss that has come forward to share. I'm totally willing to give into the high school gossip vibe of this whole thing and that means I have one important question: What happened to Riff Raff?!

And You Should Too! But at the end of it all, she looked like she was NOT having it.

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Katy Perry and Riff Raff recently teamed up for the remix of her song "This Is How We Do," so they were definitely there to promote their collaboration, it's just unclear if they're also dating. Riff Raff's photo of the two of them was posted one day is katy perry dating riff, and he captioned it: When you have confirmed your password, you will be able to log in through Facebook on both sites. I'm sure it's a staged date. Do with it what you will. By Townsquare Media Moose August 25, 5: Christopher Polk, Getty Images I feel sort of embarrassed admitting this as I work in radio and not knowing an artist with TV face-time.

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Who says he's the kind of guy that would date someone for fame? Katy's friends need to have a project to try to find someone who is perfect for her. HarveyWeinstein will be arrested soon!

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After all, Perry is hugely successful and one of the most famous people on the planet, and Riff Raff is a rapper who is more well known for being the inspiration for James Franco's character in Spring Breakers than for his music. Zip Continue and Activate. The rapper got a bit too touchy feely with Katy!

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For two, because Perry and Raff were once thought to be dating. The Best Dressed List.


In a piece posted this afternoon to BuzzFeed NewsDreyfuss -- the son of actor Richard Dreyfuss -- reveals how he was groped without warning or consent by Spacey as an year-old. Back in March, they both Instagrammed photos of a "date" and Riff Raff told TMZ that it was "an average date situation" and " who knows where things might go.

Yes, they're an odd match, but they really grew on me.