Is online dating weird yahoo Хочешь заняться сексом сегодня вечером?

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Most questions do revolve around the fun zones, but hint at a sad history in which the askers are clearly innocent folks who weren't taught what they need to know.

I don't think it's weird. On a related note, they're also not specially trained to advise you on whether or not to put a deposit down on a two-bedroom condo. Is it ok to touch yourself when you hear your parents having sex?

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What if the girl that thinks I'm the dad isn't the mom? Good in theory, bad in practice. At least we know now what he really gets off to: Even most liberal-minded folks have a hard time not openly scoffing at the concept of Otherkin, a group of not?

Hey, why can't I vote on comments?

The problem with Shazam, however, is that it can't is dating weird yahoo humming, whistling, or even your best attempt at not butchering the chorus. Answers "And also something about Hitler. Surely, there's a way to kill two fish people with one stone here? It's nothing to seriously worry about.

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The internet is an amazing free place where information can easily be accessed and enables people to connect and share all over the globe. For what is essentially a harmless group of confused people, the site reveals two disheartening trends.

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Why should anyone judge me because I'm missing 1 tooth, I still have a great smile and a good personality? Much more deserving of some mockery are the numerous people who are really into telling these folks why it's not possible to turn into another species. Answers "Of course there are male cats -- though they have one less rib.

When your love for anime gets a little obsessive.

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Unfortunately these two functions of the internet meet on Yahoo Answers, where random people over share information with millions by posting personal, stupid and ridiculous questions to everyone. Sometimes there is no contact at all which makes these scenes so cringe worthy yet funny to watch. But not all of these innocents are as innocent as they appear.

Stop being a pussy.

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Thanks to popular sites such as Yahoo! Never mind though, here are 50 of the most ridiculous questions ever asked on Yahoo Answers.

Does looking at a picture of the sun hurt your eyes? Answers That's not wrong.


Is there anyway I can get this popular guy at school to get me pregnant? It seems like a game. Isaac never wants to have to take a screengrab again. We really don't need to trace these bizarre statements back to real humans.

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I made Jesus shaped pancakes but I burnt them.