James potter and lily evans dating fanfiction James potter and lily evans dating fanfiction

James potter and lily evans dating fanfiction

He stood with his back pressed against the large beech tree near the lake, hiding in the shadows and silently waiting for her.

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He allowed her to pull him down the path, laughing at her eagerness. He wanted her, plain and simple. They walked away from each other, wearing identical smiles. His face lit up. They would spend their precious time together before heading back to their dorms, separately, to await the next night, the next meeting.

James had never seen her look so sexy elderly parents dating innocent; it turned him on to no end. Why did I say yes? Both of them are sure the other is lying. They reached a pretty little clearing, their sanctuary, the place where they could be alone together, without interruption, without being seen. She thought she hated James Potter, but when he kissed her, she liked it but now she hated him, but something made her want to kiss him more.

Everyone stared at Lily as she walked over and sat back down in her spot. Lily had always loved Diagon Alley.

Up in the dorm rooms, Lily was lying in her bed crying. His other hand looped around her thigh to hold her and rested on her stomach. And he scooted out of the booth and began winding his way between the tables towards the exist.

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Her hands fluttered over his stomach and he fumbled with the first button. They all got dressed and went down into the common room.

Love, Lies, Deception, and so james potter and lily evans dating fanfiction more you know you want to read: His hands inched upward from her waist to cover her breast and began massaging. Everyone looked at her in astonishment. She should have expected this, and told him before hand if it wasn't something she wanted to do.

Lily spent almost all of her time studying and almost forgot about her date with James until Alice and Roslyn reminded her Saturday morning.

Your review has been posted. Sirius just wasn't thinking.

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C Daily reviews Lily has always considered herself ordinary. Lily and James in their 7th year and how they started to date. She had been too shocked. I actually had some of this sitting on my old computer before the whole thing crashed. He felt empty, hurt, betrayed. Three little drabble's to show just why I think Lily and James were made for each other: