Luna dating allkpop Luna says she's preparing hard for a comeback soon

Luna dating allkpop

Thank you to my members, always! Like come on its the 21st century, a guy and a girl can just be friends or close colleagues.

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We said that we shouldn't lose f x and even if it's the last album we ever produce as a group, we should come out more perfect than ever. On an active day, the meal would be made up of strawberries, tomatoes, a pack of apple jam, 3 pieces of dried persimmons, and two baked sweet potatoes.

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Luna actually starves her self before comback or important schedules. Music streaming sites to rank charts in real-time only from 12PM-6PM.

Baek Ji Young performs on 'Fantastic Duo 2'. What happened to her? Discussions from allkpop Forums Now if Sulli posed luna dating allkpop this I wouldn't even consider her chubby before, but rather healthy: My luna dating allkpop friend is a guy, and I hate it when people ships us.

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From the Shop Shop More. She already admitted starvation twice in and once in plus in she used to take some sort free dating disabled sites medicine to drop 8kg in 2 weeks on top of being a practice maniac as she was described by her teamates.

Her diet menu consisted of active and inactive meals. From the Shop Shop More. Although she was known as the chubby type compared to the other members of her group, Luna made an degree transformation after going on a diet in Probably these days the meal is lighter.


Krystal wasn't able to come because she was busy with her drama schedule but I think she's coming maybe next week or the week after. It was Victoria then Luna but it seems Victoria recently lost lots of weight so she's different now while Luna seems to be gaining weight back and appears a but bigger. He is not her boyfriend. It would be nice if they were dating, they look really happy together. We are aware our fans are waiting for our comeback She said, " The members brought up past memories of us going through weeks of all-nighters and drinking caffeinated drinks to wake ourselves up at such a young age.

Discussions from allkpop Forums Luna is more than her body and weight, wish they can see how an amazing and beautiful person she is instead.

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Legendary group Buzz releases MV for second single 'Train'. We always said that; we don't know when it will be our last stage and that we should never take any stage for granted.

My oh my - Tei is looking manly in 'Oh Boy! I do hope it is an F x comeback very soon. So now, nobody takes her seriosly as a singer cuz she'd rather be known for her cleavage.

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Luna deserves someone awesome. I would be happy either way cause Luna is a-freaking-mazing but I really do hope this is an F x comeback X.

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Aw Luna what a sweetheart! I can still hear all those crazy fan chants like it was yesterday. All media would talk to jer about was her boobs aka as her diet. Like how Victoria managed to do her dimension4 concert rehearsals and their Japanese single photoshoots separately then put it all together.

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