Marriage not dating synopsis ep 6 Marriage, Not Dating Episode 6 Mini Recap

Marriage not dating synopsis ep 6


Ughhh, that ending was so damn good and heartbreaking at the same time, I cry! I think what you mentioned about respect is very important and hopefully the next two episodes will focus more on the leads building that respect for each other and for themselves.

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As always, thanks for reading Zee! I wish I'd found this drama later so I wouldn't have to wait D: Why unbutton the blouse when he's seen all that?

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I apologize really for the length of this comment! Se ha and gi tae marriage not dating synopsis ep 6 have more in common in terms of background but to much similarity jus doesn't work.

Lollypip, if you could just borrow a time machine, so your recaps could go up before the episodes air, that'd be great. She spent three days alone, bleeding and hungry and terrified, not knowing if either parent was coming back. He leaves after saying that this is all because of her.

I love that Cutie Pie fell for our girl first, and like you said, darlin', he's gonna have to try mightily to convince Jang Mi that he loves her. I picked it up just for fun and really wasn't expecting it to be so good. This is all because of you! When they sleep together, I want them to both be in love which they seem to be in the scene and sober but as of right now, their feelings for each other are still too blurry.

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SecondLeadSeRa July 28, at All through out this episode KT just go with the flow while JM carries all the burden of the fake relationship. Now I feel like that cold open disrupted the flow of the episode by making people disappointed at what they didn't get, instead of grateful for what they did.

Ugh, I was hoping the writer would make her more realistic; a simple bitter ex.


I got to bed at 10 AM. Kailani August 2, at 8: Drama Recaps Witch's Court: Looking forward to the next episode.

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Not the word I'd use.