Matchmaking ruined MODERATORS

Matchmaking ruined, the game is ruined

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The game is getting ruined!!! That's literally what they did - removed the main game and replaced it with one poorly thought-out, untested, buggy game mode.

If quickplay with valve servers existed still as well, then it would split the casual players even more between QP and CMM, making it even harder to find a populated matchmaking ruined.

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I could just click in and have a blast. Destiny PVP is horrible right now and I cannot believe how far downhill its gone in six months or so, do the dev's go home and play this game?? Now the game is somehow serious when we're told not to take it so seriously or just give up and play strikes.

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Your first point hurts the most. I could not play when the Update first launched and finally tryed it out today.

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Anecdotal obviously, just saying. But if those games are decided by lag because of matchmaking ruined players with skill instead of connection then that is a problem. Half of them are way better than the other half me included and we're constantly getting matched with players that just melts us and on the flip side we're bringing down all our matchmaking ruined friends. Report players to Bungie In-Game or via this contact form. While it would be nice to have the competitive optionI do feel that TF2 is too old, too wacky, too clunky to actually become a primarily competitive game like CS: If it weren't for the drops I would never touch Iron Lagger.

Last Jump to page: Now that's impossible and it sucks. I'm not trying to hop on the "all russians are bad cyka"-circlejerk, they're not.

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Even though the balance of crucible has greatly improved, I bet your data would show you have greatly nerfed the fun out of the game.

You literally cannot matchmaking ruined the game and join a server within a few minutes. As i recall the russian server is located in stokholm so it might be that: But the spanish speaking players, that's what they do, dunno what type of meta that fucking shit is but it's what they do. I russian dating sites in uk the main difference is that Russians will flame you but are still willing to cooperate with you for a win, while the English people just give up completely.

And after my experience with the new update, I don't think moving the casual mode more towards a CoD style lobby was for the better, even though there are aspects of the update I do like stat tracking, for example.

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The match making rates 5 less skilled players harder then the 1 skilled player. Since players can already join ongoing matches through matchmaking, why can't we matchmaking ruined pick one of those servers from the browser and join that? Afterall the enemy has the same problem.

Wait forever to be put into a Casual MM server that will last 30 seconds because of tryhards that want to rank up.

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I played a few matches, the majority of players are still Russians or Germans. This is the main problem for a lot of players.

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People are now waiting around at menus longer than we can play the game. No more pub servers?