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Meter hook up

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When the car is on, the alternator powers the loads and whatever current that doesnt go to the loads, charges the battery. Back in the good ol days, all cars had ammeters.

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Howdy Al Campion again with AutoReWire bullheimer you may call me anytime you like at or e-mail me with your number and the best time to call you and I'll call you. How to change auto shift timing on R4 Last photo: Note that passwords are case-sensitive. Sorry about that, the "Loads" are supposed to be in between the Battery and Ammeter.

Four Wire Connection (easy to understand)

Remote ford solenoid install problems: A battery or other voltage limiting device must be connected between the meter's red and black leads anytime the load is connected or disconnected.

I've repaired a lot of fried wire on amp meters.

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Consider a "T" shaper diagram, with the battery at the bottom of the leg, the alternator on one side of the "T" bar and all the car's electrics on the other side of the bar. Becuase amp meters are wired directly to the meter hook up the wire on both sides of the meter is always HOT.

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Our Meter Links page has a handy wire resistance and voltage drop calculator. Can anyone walk me thtough installing an amp meter on my sbc.

Any Harley Davidson owners here?: I have a Connect an 8 AWG BB code is On.

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Find All Thanked Posts. If you wire an amp meter to ground it will short out and destroy the meter and fry the wire.

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This way the current used by all of the lights, radio, blowers, etc.