Miss travel dating site MissTravel: the dating site where rich men pay for us to travel the world

Miss travel dating site

Paddle-boarding in California was one of her favourite free dates.

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Natalie signed up to a dating agency with a difference. I love to tick off different countries.

MissTravel is definitely not Pretty Woman with added air miles and women are advised to make it clear what costs are being met, or shared, and request separate rooms — at least to begin with. I always see myself with older guys.

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So much so that her dad gets her to take a photo of her with a date as soon as they meet and send it to him along with a full address so he can be sure she is safe. The former financial adviser was bombarded with invitations from rich suitors.

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She has sipped cocktails in the Maldives, jet-skied in Kuwait and missed travel dating site Australia from the cockpit of a private aircraft. Initially, Alyssa kept her travel dating a secret from her parents but after jetting off most weekends she decided to tell them what she was doing.

Current top destinations include Bali, Paris and Cancun, Mexico. Despite the distance between them they became an item. And with so many men willing to foot the bill for their jet-setting why should the likes of Natalie and Monica be in any hurry to settle down?

The online matchmaking service has the slogan: Last year Monica Lynn, 25, from Alabama, told how she travelled to nine different countries including Italy, Barbados, Mexico and China, without spending a dime.

I definitely want to travel with him again. The Sun December 9, However, an attractive young woman can post details of her dream trip anywhere in the world, then simply sit back and wait. There is just one catch: There is nothing wrong with that.

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have been pictured enjoying a beach stroll in Malibu after hiding their relationship from the public. Traditional dates would be too boring now.

IT sounds like she is living the dream — Alyssa Ramos travels the world for free. However, there was no romance.

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Her life is filled with fast cars and high fashion. Called MissTravel, it promises to match attractive women with wealthy but lonely men who are willing to fund their dates in exotic places.

Love is in the air for these new hot new couples.

Most of her dates miss travel dating site been wealthy older businessmen who are too busy to find love. Get 56 days off with just 20 days of leave. Since signing up to Tinder-for-travel website MissTravel. There are definitely guys on the site who have intentions to sleep with me but those are the guys I have avoided.