Mutah matchmaking Mutah matchmaking

Mutah matchmaking

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Can a Shia do Mutah with a Christian or a Jew? Whats one unusual or rare fruit you have eaten? The section on Mutah is a good introduction to the topic, particularly from the convert's point of view.

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This is an excellent commentary on the verse of Mutah. A number of young and young-at-heart believers these days are turning to online marriage match-making sites to try to find a marriage partner. It is an matchmaking work where the author has described the views of different scholars on Mutah.

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The two are fairly sophisticated matching sites with all the standard bells and whistles. The problem is with human being. Asra "With the help of this site I found my match and I was married in November Shia Match matchmakings thousands of Shia Muslim matrimonial profiles from around the world.

If a girl has lost her virginity through haram matchmakings does she need her father's permission to marry someone in Nikah or Mutah? Can someone who is chaste marry someone in Mutah who has not been chaste, but after knowing about Mutah agrees to doing Mutah? D And I don't have any sisters so I can't answer that one. This is a brief introduction to Mutah in Islam.

While they are not catered specifically to Muslims, they definitely had Muslims in mind as part of the clientele.

MUTAH-MatchMaker online

The legal similarities and differences between Nikah marriage and Mutah are made clear. Now I have a set of matchmakings I want to ask. Baba Ali's humor infuses a fresh feel to the site while setting a serious-about-marriage tone. But in this day and age i will never know if the guy im gona marry has been doing Muta and abusing it Last edited by Bait and Bite; at Just becoz, mut'a is misused by misguided ppl. I guess it depends on the child.

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I personally will have to disagree with Muta altogether because the young youth, especially where i live in London. Click here for more information.

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Woman are precious and should be treated as such. Fatima "I am thankful to Shiamatch as I have found my match here.

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There is a lot of "noise" to weed through to find a serious candidate. Some studies suggest nearly 1 out of 5 marriages now occur matchmaking people who first met online, but there are apparently no studies that have looked specifically at Muslim marriages. Is a man allowed to have more than one Mutah wife at a time? Recent Posts on ShiaChat! Then the man asked the Imam if he could do Mut'ah with his daughter imam's daughter so the Imam simply looked away and turned his head from the man" meaning that the permissibility of Mut'ah is one issue, while me giving you my daughter is another.

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The author analyses the grammar and language of the verse, quotes: Run by Shaukatali Merchant. It is an historical analysis of the background in which both Mutahs the Mutah of Hajj and the Mutah of Women were banned by the decree of Umar ibn Al-Khattab, many years after the death of the Last Messenger of Allah s. Her life has been an inspiration to all revolutionary Muslim women throughout the ages.

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The replies are from Mujtahids and local scholars. Some very valid points about the need for thoughtfulness in choosing the style of Hijab one adopts while living in the West.