Peavey classic 50 serial number dating Dating a Peavey C50 by serial number...

Peavey classic 50 serial number dating

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Also, out of sheer curiosity, what would happen if I run an AB box to both the Normal and Bright input and try to switch between the two as a "boost". Did you reconnect all connectors back in the right place?

Peavey Classic 50 HELP!

I tried changing out the fist two 12ax7's and checked the boards for any obvious signs of burns or loose connections. But that's a common issue with any heavily gigged tube amplifier and re-tubing isn't really all that expensive.

Any links to the mods you did in the meantime? Could it be a pot?

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I'm not surprise, My guitar teacher as one I use when I go to my lessons. There is a post on the forum from a guy that bought is in ' I am with AMU here, look closely at the ribbon connectors.

Also the volume pot shafts are sensitive to the touch.

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Something now tells me that if we were to group all the serial numbers of the amps reported on the Peavey newsgroup there would all be coming from the same production batch. I am making an classic 50 serial number dating guess that the low voltage plus minus supplies may be damaged.

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Jan 27, 2. A phone call to Peavey.

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Nobody from Peavey has posted your "elementary Watson" solution on their amp forum. Circuit tracks may be broken or damaged, or there might be a bridged solder connection,???

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It worked flawlessly until a year ago when it started to rattle. My request to Peavey is simple: Never heard any 'rattle' making it's way into the signal The guitar player for my band used dating electricians Classic 30 for a few years without trouble, including heavy gigging. The same is seen is seen on the Classic 50, even though my local tech told me that the desing of the Classic 50 has been improved to minimize the rattle from the tube.