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Polaris pool cleaner hook up

It uses these lines to run the cleaner and remove dirt, sand or other sediment buildup from your pool bottom.

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Once assembled, you can use the cleaner after you test that the water flow is within the appropriate range. Manta Ray Pool Cleaner Instructions.


Push the flow regulator into the adapter. Detach the hose and flow regulator to test the water flow. Connect the hose sections, except for the leader hose and standard hose, by pushing the cuffs together.

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How to Install an Automatic Pool Cleaner. Polaris, the manufacturer of a few pool cleaner machines, primarily offers models that hook into your pool's skimmer or a dedicated suction line.

Adjust the hose length by removing unneeded sections.

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The hose must reach two to three hose sections beyond the farthest point to allow for slack. Attach one of the hose sections to the adapter. Feed one of the hose sections into the skimmer opening and connect it to the flow regulator. Attach the assembled hoses to the hose section already installed on the skimmer or suction line.

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Reattach the hose and flow regulator and connect the polaris pool cleaner hook up indicator to the leader hose. Submerge the hose to fill it with water.

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Copyright Leaf Group Ltd. Extend the assembled hose to the farthest section of your pool. Hold buzzfeed guys dating profile indicator underwater while turning on the pump.

The flow indicator shows if the water flow range is correct or too slow or fast.

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If using a skimmer, insert the adapter into the suction line in the skimmer. Place the universal adapter into the dedicated suction line, if your pool has one. Connect the standard hose to the end of one hose and attach the leader to the same end. Connecting the cleaner involves attaching the hoses together and hooking up the hose assembly to the Polaris cleaner as well as to the suction line. How to Assemble Intex Plunger Valves. Problems With My Soaker Hose. She has a Bachelor of Science in information technology and Web management from the University of Phoenix.