Premier drums dating How to Date Premier Drums

Premier drums dating

Attempt to match the serial number with a dedicated website. Is my drum COB.

Review these sites to assist in dating your Premier drums. Thanks a lot for all the info guys. I have a recient post with Remo pre-int size Emperor numbers listed if you'd like to order them. Switch to Threaded Mode. Help identify a Premier drum set Actually the kit is missing the tom arm mount from the bass drum.

I had the exact kit purchased in 96, but in black diamond wrap. I don't know if the mounts are interchangeable or not, but I really think that that second type of tom mount could be found online or wherever without too much digging. Find all posts by The SunDog. I'm told it had a mother of pearl wrap at one time, but it's since been removed an it exists in its bare wood, though varnished state now.

The tom has a mount bracket that accepts a As for the sound, I've not had a good bash on them yet - strategic neighbour arrangements and all! Types of Drum Hoops. How to Date Slingerland Drums. Lesbian dating site her to Clean Chrome Drum Hardware. Help identify a Premier drum set Quote: Help identify a Premier drum set As per my premier drums dating drums dating post, Gold Top as the colour is similar to the colour used by Gibson on Les Paul guitars.

Originally Posted by darrell. The Resonators will have an extra "Resonator" badge or holes if missing underneath the P-badge and like Eameuser says, no visible screws holding the lugs to the shell because the inner shell covers them. They are impressive premier drums dating drums, originally an intermediate level kit, they sound more like a pro level. XPK have always been lacquered finish, I think. One with the same badge appears in the brit catalogue.

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Many products and features have become household names in the drumming world and current research and development ensures that this legacy of innovation continues. Send a private message to mpthomson. They may be Premier Elite drums, something about the tom mount looks familiar, nice drums, enjoy! Thats right about lugs. The lugs seem correct for a late 60's early 70's kit but, It looks like an odd older lug on the snare, I can't make it out clearly.

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Can anyone provide and info on this? Often, these types of publications are subject specific such as vintage drums and have pictures and descriptions of vintage instruments. Beautiful kits and not very common these days.

Send a private message to johngraham. Any information regarding locating the original Premier tom arm mount would be greatly appreciated.

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Owen Richason grew up working in his family's small contracting business. Late 90's to early 00's. Send a private message to Anaon. The company has been sold a few times but remains based in the United Kingdom.

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Under the sales directorship of Fred Della Porta, Premier further develops its instrument ranges. How to Refinish a Drum.