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Reddit online dating first message

What's your message that led to your best exchange on OKC? I still need to work on dating successfully, but I think I found a good way to write successful opening messages. The ones that don't have this on almost always view the profile. We're living together now.

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But be careful that you don't bring them up in casual conversation or you will again risk looking desperate and weird. She won't check your profile if the message is too lame. There's no point in wasting your time having long drawn-out conversations with dozens of women before you ask them out, only to find that you don't have any chemistry with half of them. Mine happened about a year and a half ago, scriptures on biblical dating girl had a dog, had written that she had a weird fascination with alliteration, and mentioned several times in her profile that she "didn't get the point of pasta".

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On my "You should message me if" section I had something like This section's name has a typo. Building a great profile is paramount, but sending a good first message is a huge dating first message of it as well.

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In a different sense, the best first message I received was the "hey what's up? Already have an account? This name will be used to credit you for things you share on Reddit.

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They always comment on the easiest thing to start a conversation about. I just liked your face. The answers are always so short and feel rushed which alwayss makes it feel like you have to lead or the convo will end quickly.

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Well I am in my early 20s, so the girls around me mostly don't have very sophisticated profiles. I think she'll snap and totally become a bad ass in the next season.

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