Regret not dating in college I Regret Not Cheating on My Boyfriend

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I must limit myself other wise I can easily get distracted. Incompetency scares me more than death. Log in or sign up in seconds. You don't need to force yourself to socialize, but you do need to set aside some time for things other than work.

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Getting engaged during college works and can be a good thing. Do you believe people can regret not dating in college I know your classes are intense, but it is good to have a social life and get to know more circles of people. I don't want a girlfriend until I graduate from college, and if any woman came up to me good or bad and attractive or unattractive I will say no. I never took a class on it and I feel very unprepared.


If you like traveling, or think that you might like traveling, go abroad. Are you just using studying as an excuse to avoid putting yourself out there?

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Designate a day that is for non-school related stuff. In fact I got a job still working 20 hours a week so I wasn't so lonely.

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If you ignore this advice and end up in class with an ex, avoid sitting across from or next to them. Honestly I have not given much thought to a career. I don't know if we would have made it as a couple or not but if I could do it again with my present state of mind, I would have asked her to prom or homecoming.

But yeah as SonicBanjo said, grades are important but sacrificing your entire social life for a some 4. Having fun, messing around, hell at least losing my virginity. I missed some signals in high school, so I thought that girls weren't interested in me at all, and I also had that problem of being so logical that I couldn't really fathom why I would want to go out with someone I wasn't entirely serious about.