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When Rachel has a go at a nurse about the fact she can't have her and rachel dating history next due to only dilated 3cm, she pretends that Ross is her husband, but stops him as he is about to say something.

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Rachel agrees and gets on the plane just as Emily arrives. Chandler comes out that he is the other guy and that they kissed. Ross is furious and decides not to get a cat with Julie. When Ross pops off to China for an archaeological dig, Chandler lets slip to Rachel that Ross has feelings for her. Ross quickly clarifies he was pranking, and Rachel acts like she knew that all along. So big couple movements on both ends. Plus, in between there is Chandler in a box, the big trivia competition "The One with the Embryos" that leads to the apartment switch and, of course, "Seven!

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Ross is caught off guard, until Rachel says she's just kidding! Rachel dates Joshua Burgin for 5 episodes in Season 4. Rachel then asks why some relationships just don't work and wonders if she will find one that makes her feel happy. Got a News Tip? Chandler twice employs a trick of pretending he still has feelings for her to get rid of her.

Monica is repulsed at what she has done and stops calling him.

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Much to Ross' despair, she responds with "thank you". There really isn't an argument here except for: He appears in " The Pilot " in Season 1. They eventually and rachel dating history up because Richard does not want to have children again, whereas Monica does.

Later on, during a trip to Barbados, Joey and Charlie agree to have a friendly break-up due to having nothing in common. When Chandler said this. After Rachel and Ross get into yet another fight over her work schedule, Rachel suggests "taking a break from us. Switch to Canadian edition?

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Ross invites Rachel over for brunch with her father and the two eventually appear to be getting along gradually, helping Rachel since she wants her father and boyfriend to get along. Joey wants Chandler to think about what he's done by sitting in a wooden box for a short period of time to prove how sorry he is for kissing Kathy and Joey eventually gives Chandler his blessing to date her.

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For the next year, they have a steady relationship with a few ups and downs, mainly related to their respective long time exes, Janice and Richard. By now though, Janice has wizened up and knows he will be back again, or to put it into her words: Julie and Ross decide to adopt a cat together and have it live with both of them since they want to take their relationship further.

When she finally decides that she's not okay with it, she finds Ursula at Joey's apartment wearing nothing but a T-Shirt. Paul wins Monica'a approval and a night in her bed when he feeds her a line about not being able to perform sexually since his wife left him. Ross informs him that he and Rachel are not together, just friends.

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