Takamine product dating Takamine product dating

Takamine product dating

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Does any one have any clue to the model or even the value of the guitar? I'm trying to find out what model G Takamine guitar I have.

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Takamine guitars are made at the foot of the Takamine mountain in Sakashita in Japan; the company has been producing guitars for over 40 years. If a 9-digit number, the last three digits would be the nth instrument made that day. Takamine serial numbers Posted by chasbo yahoo.

Takamine product dating

I purchased a Jasmine C guitar by Takamine, This is the only web site that gave you have acess to these dates could you narrow it down by serial number? Locate the serial number and look at the first letter of the serial number. Post new comment Your name: The serial-numbering scheme for G Series Takamine models has changed several times over the years.

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See below for the formula used to tell the year of manufacture. I'm not sure if it still applies to your guitar, because that would put it's production completion date at before takamine existed.

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Find vintage guitar dating and serial number resources to date your. Dec guitar, I discovered that "G series" serial products dating don't follow the normal trend of all other Takamine serial numbers'.

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This question is for testing whether you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. Images of takamine guitar serial number.

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I bought it used at a pawn shop in Reno and it is like new. In my Takamine H-5 it says thay takamine is established In Reply to Guitar Closet: Japanese-built Takamine Pro Series products dating can be reliably dated from the eight-digit serial numbers typically found at the neck block inside the instruments.

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Thanks for any assistance. It is any information on the date would be appreciated. Notify me of follow-up comments posted here. I have an oldish Fender F, the serial number looks like F If a mudelf made the title "how to date a Fender F acoustic string".

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