Tina and aom dating in real life Treasure Part 3- Stupid Couple?

Tina and aom dating in real life

Move on from K.

Dating officially

Chinese Fanclubs also raised pressure to Aom and Tina. Guest Apr 14 Tina's pulling Aom's shirt in not too obvious way, tries to make Aom stop for reveal more. Is the chemistry any good?

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But I understand that Iam maybe on the wrong board to talk about them. Tina had a gf.

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Tina startles with the answer that Aom gives. Jack nods with a smile.

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Log in Sign Up. Everyone is dying waiting for how it will end. A woman, normal woman. That is really surprised. I want yes or no 3!!! Second, it's K decision to end the relationship. Tina scratches her head which isn't itchy.


Talking about her father who owns the company, he is very powerful, every businessman and other person have to pay their respects to him.

Tina becomes more nervous. Everyone will think she is Tina's new Girlfriend, and it is - without a doubt- a prove that Tina and K have broke up. Back to Tina, she is as powerful as her dad but not in a business way, but all with girls.

What makes you think they are together?

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Bt tom boy kind lesbians are more likely to b man May 30 Aom borned in January, I was born in February, etc. Bt it's just my feelingns Tina broke up with her to protect her from the haters, but suddenly she makes an official statement.

Tina widens her eyes.

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This article contained homosexual contents. Look like you come together at Thailand Film culture week. She's angry with me now," says Aom to Jack. But the big question is "Why did she post these pictures?