Tinder dating app for windows Unofficial Tinder dating app released again for Windows Phone as talks fail for an official one

Tinder dating app for windows, tinder features:

The reason why it's now at three stars is because out of nowhere the app would start to crash every time I started it up, which would only be solved by uninstalling it and reinstalling it again. Good tinder dating app for windows, but might need an update.

I expect that it was clear to some people that the iPhone was a significant innovation and it is my understanding that some of the early developers who hit big got rich from their apps, it was a gold rush of sorts.

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It's a general problem all Internet services have, not only Tinder. Sam Sabri 3 years ago Sorry, something went wrong.

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That's cool, do you imagine having 6grin? Whoever made this page should jump into open traffc…Blindfolded and wrapped in barbed wire…or just go slit your damn throat…. Tinder uses FB account for matches. Interestingly, it synced all my messages and matches with my iPhone app.

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Nothing like basing your choices on overly edited images. To rate and review, sign in. Log in or Sign up. See how well that works for the companies that have done it hello match. Now that I've downloaded it again, I try to connect my facebook and it takes me back to the login page. Another curiosity was the backlog of people I would get when travelling. It is necessary that you must be active so that your profile will be seen by more.

New name is good. Now from the door-step find your perfect match and make a chat to know them well. Someone needs to start making a black book.

Tinder For PC:

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but nothing worked, still can't login. I mean, if the app is installed manually after being pulled from the store, it works? If those two things got fixed I'd be happy to restore my 5-star rating: You are not logged.

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Just a shame that Tinder want to prevent Windows Phone users from having the app.