Troy and gabriella dating fanfiction Troy and gabriella dating fanfiction

Troy and gabriella dating fanfiction

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Chad then hung up the phone leaving a laughing Troy and Gabriella at the other end. To have a woman ready and willing at anytime?

Gabriella pulled her schedule out of her purse. Gabby also smirked and continued to dribble the ball. Trying to go in the right direction 3.

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I can't forget the first day we met him'' said Gabriella. I would even be up to playing some sports, but only if my date was ready for the challenge.

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She locked the door. I thought it would be fine since its Friday. He already has that.

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Well, I have to go. He smiled and gently lifted her into his arms.

It wasn't the man in question causing all these nerves, it was the act itself. Troy put Gabby down and gave her the ball, she then began to dribble it, while Troy tried to block her. Talent… show me your talent, he said.

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That's what people pay for. But I really hope you enjoy yourself. Gabriella was sick and tired of being the girl that always came in second place.

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He kissed her on the troys and gabriella dating fanfiction when they sat down and Gabriella deepened it. Gabriella sighed and looked at her friends in the front row.

That's what Gabriella would want isn't it? Acting, Suspicions, and Being Platonic 8.

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His mouth dropped open and his arms fell away from her shoulders. I am just happy I am home and with you" Troy said as he embraced Gabriella and kissed her lips. Troy stared down at his notes and breathed in deeply. Troy tapped his pen on the clipboard he was writing on and thought about his potential dates.