W d hookup meaning What does W/D hookups and unit mean? (apartments)?

W d hookup meaning

Detailed information about all U. Cary, NC 28, posts, read 49, times Reputation: For a couple who asked why I didn't just ask, my search right now is preliminary.

What is the abbreviation for Washer/Dryer Hookup?

If an apartment lease says no washing machines allowed does it mean that their should be no hookup or can we h. Phoenix, AZ w d hookup meaning 2, posts, read 1, times Reputation: Kristin, if it says hookup, it does not include the washer or dryer.

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In most cases the landlord will not provide the washer and dryer in a rental property, however in order to make their property more attractive some do. I'm not sure there is more context to give.

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Answer Questions What does net income mean on the income statement? Normally in an apartment it is electric. Originally Posted by eightbitguy I've only heard that term in reference to appliance deliveries.

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That is, if you already own a dryer. I m on an unbearable situation, it is unhealthy and awful.?

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Do I have to pay for an additional month if vacating sooner? If it specifies that there is a unit, then they also provide the washer and dryer itself. I have no idea why a realtor would have that in a house's listing though. Include any additional details about the question Additional giveaways are planned.

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I think I may have finally guessed what it means -- washer and dryer are not included. They may even include micro, fridge, stove, etc. I have now seen the same phrase on at least 3 of the houses for sale. Originally Posted by eightbitguy. Also you need to know if the dryer hookup is gas or electric.