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Will skill based matchmaking be removed

My thoughts on the matter are if you want to play competitively and sweat through every match like it's your day job and you have that sort of time, SBMM is a great idea on ranked playlists. All I want is to use is a DNA bomb one time Is Skill Based Matchmaking going to be removed No longer can I grab a few quick matches to relax before work or play a few matches when I'm tired because I don't want to get wrecked. But see that's not the case at all. It's been true since at least CoD4.

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And then will skill based matchmaking be removed he made it to the point where he was as good as us, he didn't stick around and play with us because we were on the same level, he went and found another team that was more selective than ours. The fact that about half of the attachment and camos for smgs can only be unlocked by hipfiring doesn't help much either. Because he wanted to improve, not stagnate. Though, I do understand those are a lower skill level want an easier time. Please remove skill based matchmaking in the next patch!

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If it properly averaged the MMR of the people queueing, at least, that'd be fine. It all works itself out in the long run making the best players have the most wins, and the worst players having the least.

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This is what i dont like about the COD community, if you dont do good everyone gets on the bandwagon of "nerf the sniper" "remove this" "remove that". Not to mention these matches seem to be hosted from the moon.

At least then I know that it's me that's screwing up and I'm not left wondering if certain shots should have hit, or if I was actually around the corner.

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If I wanted to have a real challenge then I would just play competitive. To me that sounds backwards. It was natural for me to pick up AW to continue forward.

Its good results are based on its very good camouflage factor even on the.

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Unfortunately, peoples connection suffer the consequences, and in turn, makes them hate the game. We fall to the level of our training". So most of the skilled players will be moving on to the next game.

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Maybe you should just stick to single player if you don't "want a real challenge". We no joke get teams in parties who flawless almost on a weekly how to write profile dating site. So if you get no more than a life you should get a care package in 2 lives.

I think it works.

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Playing people who know what they're doing on a shitty connection is when the series is at its most frustrating. More information on the base toolset of matchmaking is here. Please let me have fun.

There's always at least one group of premade tryhards in the lobby, doesn't matter what mode I'm in. Sounds like you're the "try hard" and you're not as good as you thought. By continuing to use Activision's websites, applications, accounts, products, services or other property, you agree to these revised Terms of Use. People who quick scope.

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If they're good or if they're bad doesn't matter to me honestly. Cbmm meant sweaty games for players of lesser skill. The variety of random matchmaking is what really keeps multiplayer interesting. I'll admit I was pretty pissed off when I posted this and I apologize for coming off as ignorant.