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Wot m5 stuart matchmaking

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Fun, don't skip it. The gun 37mm T16 was already in the game at 8.

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However, if you are going to go all the way, you can research the Chaffee at a whopping 55 thousand xp. It is my opinion that you do not need to do any of those 3 things to be helpful to your wot m5 stuart matchmaking or to make a lot of exp. Use the 30mm 3cm gun. The M5's turret was the same as that on the light tank M3A1.

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The main tank forces were Shermans, but each battalion had a recon squad of Stuarts. Scleets, on Oct 23 - Edited by Stormtroop3r, 11 May - Buff tanks on noob's demand 5. But I am having fun learning how to be more effective on those maps.

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The new tier 5 light tanks were designed from the beginning to handle the high tier battlefield and clan wars. The howitzer can be amazing if you are lucky enough to penetrate.

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Please turn JavaScript on and refresh the page. The M5 Stuart just isn't very good above its own tier.

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Rautaa 6 Posted 05 February - However, the M5 Stuart is next to useless against tier 4 tanks, because it has next to no gun. One of the last games I played on the tank before selling it turned out like this: It's also much more mobile than the American M5, so it wreaks havoc in tier 4 battles.

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The only viable gun for M5 Stuart is its derp gun, because it is the only gun with the possibility of doing some damages in tier 5 or higher battles.