Your collective dating record

Your collective dating record

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In fairness, any of them could have said this to any combination of the others. To an old man by the stage. The other day I was watching 60 Minutes these orphans in Romania, who have been so neglected, they were incapable of love.

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Perhaps the peppiest member of the Friends 's dating history, this guy was basically what would happen if a Hallmark card grew legs, got hopped up on sugar, and then hit Disney World during the fireworks show. Sure, Rach should've given her a polite heads up about the change of plans, but what could she really expect from a perfect stranger anyway? There was nothing gross about Ross's relationship with Emily -- OK, that earring proposal thing might've been a little icky -- but that girl was kind of a beeyotch to everyone from the moment we met her. The Friends fam brought in a lot of trial add-ons -- half of which Ross may or may not have married -- but there were only a few that ever really stuck past the obligatory one-to-three episode run and fun arc, like Janice, Richard, Mona, and Mike Hannigan.

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